getting started



Welcome to Best Tattoo LLC, we're a tattoo studio focused on giving our clients the best work we have to offer.  Tattoos are a permanent and lifelong decision and should be a well thought out process. The following information will provide you with steps that will guide you through your tattoo experience. 


It helps to already know or have an idea of what you would like to get done. It’s always best to personalize your tattoo based upon your own unique experiences/interests (likes, dislikes, views, beliefs, etc.).  if you don't know what to get tattooed it helps to do some research and look up different ideas.    Tattoo artists can give you suggestions on a tattoo, but in the end it is you the client who makes any final decisions.  Tattoos are a representation of yourself, so please be sure of what you want done.  It also helps to research your artist and make sure their style of tattooing matches what you want done.   


It is important to be prepared when deciding to get a tattoo.  Please have all your ideas, references, pictures, etc. available.  Any questions you have about your tattoo, make sure you ask before setting up the appointment.  Make sure you know your availability and schedule when booking the appointment.  Be prepared to leave a deposit for your appointment. Most deposits range from $50-$200.   


This is the most important step in the tattooing process. You and the artist must be on the same page about your tattoo.  Before and during the tattoo, If there is any changes or questions you have, make sure you let your artist know.  Be sure to speak clearly and give as much detail as possible so that your artist has a clear perspective of what it is you want.  The tattoo will be on you for the rest of your life so communication is key.